Xiton Harmonic Box

The Xiton Harmonic Box (XHB) is an add-on frequency conversion module for the TRUMPF TruMicro 5000 series of ps- and fs-Laser systems. It is capable of converting the 1030 nm ultra short laser pulses to the green (515 nm) and the UV (343 nm).

The XHB is a single source that delivers high-quality laser beams at  three different wavelengths. For this reason, it is a cost effective solution for contract manufacturing or application labs.

The sealed add-on box is attached to the laser head. A separate 19″ unit allows to control the conversion module and to switch between wavelengths in less than a second. Control is possible via TTL signals or RS232. As additional purchasing option, a GUI application or a rugged handheld input device are available.

TruMicro 5025

TruMicro 5050

TruMicro 5070