Story about our logo

Our company name „Xiton“ is a made-up word, that is composed of two parts. The first part „Xi“ refers to the Greek letter „χ“ which is a commonly used symbol in nonlinear optics for the susceptibility. The letter is prominently used by physicists to describe the response of a material to electromagnetic waves as e.g. light waves. Amongst other things, the susceptibility describes the ability of a material to convert the frequency of a light wave to other frequencies and thus to change the color of light.

This leads to the second part of the word „Xiton“ which is „ton“ and refers to the „photon“. A photon is a quasi-particle that describes the quantum nature of light in a particle picture. Simply speaking, the company name is all about light and how to change its color. This is one of the core competences of our company that allows us to generate laser light in just the color (or wavelength) required for your application. The last part of the name „Photonics“ just underlines our addiction to light particles and its significance in modern laser research.

The three squares colored in blue, green and red refer to one of our very first projects. This was a setup for a marking laser system with these three colors. It hints again to the fact that (in principal) we can generate not only some, but any color of laser light – even for the most special applications.