First industrial grad ps-laser running at 1342nm. Optional frequency conversion upgrades for red and blue laser emission.

The ultrashort laser pulses allow machining without heat input delicate materials.

Designed for 24/7 3-shift demanding industrial applications. By using a prorietary mode-locking scheme a very long lifetime is guaranteed. This results in extremly low total costs of ownership.

Applications are e.g. thin ablation through transparent silicon wafers. Exceptional advantages are shown for flat-panel
display production including processing of OLEDs.

average power1.8W0.7W0.5W
pulse duration< 6ps< 6ps< 6ps
energy per pulse12nJ4.5nJ3.5nJ
repetition rate143 MHz143 MHz143 MHz
< 1.3< 1.3< 1.3