Workflow – from the idea to the product


In the beginning there is a challenge:
A customer request, a new application or a scientific project.

Our team of experts is seeking solutions, evaluating appropriate nonlinear optical crystals, calculating possible powers and efficiencies. Computer simulations give us an idea on what can be expected.


Now the work starts in the laboratory, because

„The truth is to be found in the lab“

(Prof. Dr. Wallenstein)

Experimental investigations produce reliable data to verify the theoretical calaculations.


The laboratory results go hand in hand with the CAD construction for the new product. Our approach is target-oriented, based on long term proven assembly groups.

Our standard dictates high quality and outstanding specifications for reliable laser systems that work 24/7

„unpack and go“


Our optical designs place high demands on control and regulation components. For this reason almost all electronic components used in our lasers are custom in-house developments based on proven concepts, using state-of-the-art technologies.

This provides the flexibility to create solutions that are tailored for the customers‘ needs.


To simplify the handling of our lasers, a tailored GUI provides user friendly operation.


The design of our laser heads reflects our ambition to produce sustainable quality.