Ixion 193 SLM

The IXION 193 SLM is a single frequency all-solid-state laser system for applications such as optical metrology, calibration of 193 nm stepper optics or bandwith control of high power ArF excimer lasers. The spectral bandwidth is near its theoretical Fourier limit.

The center wavelength of the system is customizable in a range between 190 and 194 nm and can be configured to a fixed wavelength at the time of order.

As an option a high precision spectrometer with an absolute spectral accuracy of 0.001 nm is integrated into the system. This allows maximum control of the spectral tuning of the laser.


  • 193 nm metrology
  • Spectrometer calibration
  • Interferometry
  • Injection seeding of Excimer lasers


  • Industrial proved frequency conversion
  • Diode laser pumped
  • Sealed housing
  • Slot mounted laser diode
  • Excellent TEM00 beam profile
  • Low pulse-to-pulse fluctuation (σ < 3%)
  • Maintenance-free thermo-electrical heat management
  • 19″-rack power supply and chiller
  • LabVIEW drivers
  • Integrated Spectrometer for online wavelength control (optional)
ModelIXION 193 SLM
wavelength193.368 nm
average power> 10 mW
pulse duration< 10 ns
energy per pulse1.6 µJ
repetition rate6 kHz
< 1.6
spectral linewidth< 100 MHz ⇔ 0.012 pm ⇔ 0.003 cm-1
spectral tunability> 80 GHz ⇔ 10pm ⇔ 2.6 cm-1
coherence length> 1 m